msn and strange other things
I yelled about five f-bombs today. just because I could.

bloody freaking stupid lit. you just have to freaking do this shit right? ask some stupid question, get my hopes up that you might be easy and then you just slam me with crap that makes my head spin and my heart want to die.

anyways, another thing, nadia's blog makes me smile. <3

and and and brain-numbing goodness for history mugging.

Deep Down You Are Sensitive

You're the type of person who notices everything and forgets nothing. You are very in tune with the world.

You feel deeply, and sometimes the silliest things can effect you. You are easily brought to laughter or tears.

You don't show the world how fragile you are. You instead show people how insightful you can be.

You are good at anticipating what's going to happen in your life. You are often the first one to see what's coming.

yep, sounding good t'me.

(I reread everysingleone of estallidos' work again today. I think I might be pretty emo at the moment. oh dammit.)

back in the days when I went mad over certain things,

I think life was easier.

(now. I'm mad over EVERYthing. D: and OM. always that bloody thing.)

inspired by laura lee xin mei;
I have decided to post again.


okay, anyways, too much has been happening to record here, but the gist is.

found dA.

got mad about dA.

had fights with numerous people.

ignored numerous people.

was mean to numerous people.

tried to make things right with numerous people.

succeeded with some people.

and flunked science. always. always the science.

(even chinese was okay)


this sums up term three for me. at a glance at least.

sometimes, I wonder if things would get better if you just leave them.

but that's physically impossible. it's like a ball. the red balls that you use in silly games like dodgeball. if you don't push it, pull it, or do something to it, nothing's gonna happen. but everyone avoids it like the plague because they don't like the consequences if something goes wrong.

yeah right dude.


I am officially hooked on the Fast and the Furious fandom. D: blame Vin Diesel. I am a sucker for muscles. they look cool. and cars. they look cool too.


I need to study.

i feel like procrastinator number 1. the SUPER procrastinator.

yeah yeah, tons of people have more claim on that title than i do but i don't exactly care. i'm pretty much rotting in my seat in front of this computer. i'm so bored i'm actually POSTING. homg.

i feel utterly jealous now. not of cj though.

go figure.

You Are a Fun Flirt

You just can't help yourself... you flirt with everyone you know.

Guys, girls, crushes, and friends. They're all victims to your charm.

You're into silly innuendos, sexy jokes, and playful touches.

You are a huge flirt, yet you never make anyone (too) uncomfortable!

Yeah right.